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Buying Airsoft?

So, you have finally decided to buy an airsoft gun. That's great!

More and more hobbyists today are converting into airsoft. Probably, because of the excitement it brings to those who appreciate the adrenalin of a simulated combat.

Most of the people who have delved themselves into airsoft, came into one conclusion; “excitement”and “enjoyment”. Yes,most of these people loved airsoft because of the fun and thrill. Not only that, “camaraderie” was developed  within these “band of brothers” and continuously gaining new friends. 

Furthermore, the joy of having new friends who also like airsoft adds more adventure to our “airsoft tour”. Most of the airsoft hobbyists say that no one can really enjoy airsoft to the fullest unless he/she experiences the immersion into a simulated combat. We can truly grasp what airsoft is, if we already got into it. There, our abilities are honed, molded and reformed. We learn the value of honesty, humility and kindness. We become braver (even to our wife) as we get along. That is where the real fun begins, when we forget all our problems and focus more on enjoyment. 

It is a stress reliever, a treat of joy via rush of adrenalin. Truly a battle of wit and stamina. A great exercise for the mind, the heart and muscles.

As a newbie, what should I consider first?

There are a lot of airsoft experts that recommend things before even buying one. We should think for a moment about to “what extent” are we going to push ourselves in airsoft. Are we going to buy because we like the looks and appreciate the feature of an airsoft gun? If that’s so, then we have a reason to buy, thus makes us an “airsoft gun fan” which in the long term might turn us into an “airsoft gun collectors”. Or we want to buy because we want to join  simulated combats and win more friends along? Then, that ‘s another good reason to buy. But if we are going to do it only because someone had just pushed us to think so, then, it’s not the good time to buy. Lest you might end up reselling the item because you didn’t really appreciate its purpose and the enthusiasm you have was just only a quickie.

What then are the good reasons to buy an airsoft?

First, if you wanted a different adventure which can relieve stress (except from wife or GF in some cases), then that’s one good reason to buy. Every time we hold our airsoft rifle/s or pistol/s, we easily forget everything, more likely the stress of life. We just wanted to focus on maintaining the gun, gaze upon its azimuth, ergonomics and mechanism. We thought of making upgrades; also cleaning it inside and out. We often dream about going to the site where we run through the trees, hide behind shadows, wait for opfor to emerge, then make hits. Then your dream comes into a full halt when your wife calls you and says, “yung sinaing mo sunog na!” (“Hey, mind what you’re cooking| It’s burned already!)

Second, you must consider that  airsoft is not a short term hobby and a bit expensive. So, we have to understand that buying one definitely makes us officially an airsoft hobbyist (in some sense). We could also just put the guns into a display rack so that our friends would admire us in having so,  that actually makes us even more than a hobbyist. Having more than one airsoft gun turns our hobby into a passion.

Third, buying an airsoft gun will cost us to buy more airsoft guns. It is a natural phenomenon, that after we bought one, we desire to buy more, we even think of buying expensive ones. So we keep some money to ourselves so that we might buy items in the future. The controversial thing is (to some) wives know nothing about these, and get mad after seeing our new toy. Just a piece of advice; buy her things first, then later buy yours. It must be a win/ win situation. Invite her to come with you to game sites, so that she might see the joy in the activities of airsoft. Who knows, she might become more passionate than you.

Fourth, we buy not just airsoft but we rather buy “enjoyment”. Some airsoft guns truly are expensive, just like other enjoyments they are costly. Having an airsoft is like having joy in the palms of our hands. We might think about the cost, but we should think the joy they could bring all the more. 

Lastly, life is short, we cannot enjoy money when we are dead. It is fair enough to give ourselves a good treat. Yes, we have a lot of bills to pay and more important things to buy, but we have to understand that all these things have no end. Bills will continue to pile up even we are dead. The world will continue to revolve after we are gone. The time is now, we have to enjoy life. With our family and friends, we must do the things that make us happy. So if airsoft makes you happy, then go for it. Make it part of your life, even of your family’s. 

Enjoy life, enjoy airsoft.

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