Gearing Up for your First Airsoft Battle

Heads up!

Are you aspiring to become a soldier but never be able to? Well we have good news for you!

Airsoft had boomed already nowadays. It started around in the 70’s in Japan, commonly known then as, “Soft Air Gun” – a “freoned silicon gas gun” that projects a plastic pellet used by the Japanese enthusiasts to simulate military combat and shooting competition. Since Japanese weren’t able to carry real gun because of the danger that it might cause, instead, they shifted to better known today as “Airsoft Guns”. Today, a lot of people are joining airsoft. It’s excitingly fun!

Want to join?

So, you liked to join airsoft military simulations? Then, we’ll give you some advice before jumping into it. First, you must know the Do’s and Don’ts of Airsoft. Of course, you will find a lot of advices from the internet, but we have some ideas in stored for you, and here are they:

  1. First, know that airsoft can hurt people- Yes with the velocity of 400 fps (feet per second), a pellet or BB (ball bullets/ball bearing) can damage your skin even permanently. It will leave a mark on skin and wounds might heal in weeks or months.
  2. Second, It is not a toy – It might look like a toy, and could possibly be a “toy” but a toy that can endanger a child might not fit to describe airsoft guns as a “toy”. A toy for big boys might fit in.
  3. Third, it is not meant to boost anyone’s ego- We like to join milsims (military simulation) because we want to experience what a combat might be like. How to die in battle is reflected as we try to win engagements. This, I think the true essence of airsoft –to know what a real firefight could possibly be and how should a person react when such situation occur in real life.
  4. Fourth, it is an expensive sport- Yes, you heard it right, it is now categorized as a sport, and what I just said, it is an expensive sport. Good airsoft guns prices start at P5,000 and up. There are also high-end rifles and pistols. So we got to be ready financially if we are going to engage into an airsoft battle.
  5. Fifth, be prepared for the anger of your wife or girlfriend- As like we just said, it is expensive, and there is a high probability that your wife will get angry. Try to romance her first before considering buying. That will make your relationship even sweeter after breaking your bank.
  6. Sixth, Make thorough research first before buying your primary and secondary weapons- There are a lot of airsoft guns. Pick your type then make a research on what brand or model fits you.
  7. Seventh, Gearing up for battles- after you picked your primary and secondary, then you have to gear up for battle. Learn more about load-outs, that fits your liking. It is better to know first the different combat fashion before buying, or else you might look like a “rebel” than a soldier.