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Gun Ban Philippines 2019: 5 Tips for Airsoft Hobbyists

Sad because of the upcoming Gun Ban in the Philippines 2019? Don't be.

Today, we’ll give you some tips on how NOT to be sad during the Election’s gun ban in the Philippines 2019. But before that, we’ll talk about the preparation first, which is a must BEFORE the gun ban even begins.

What obviously must be done before the gun ban begins.

Of course by logic, we are forced to think that we must buy Airsoft guns before that happens, because buying while under gun ban might become difficult or even critical. While, there might be some exceptions, if we have the necessary papers to transport items. Though only gas-powered or electronic type, we cannot be sure, what policemen would think about our replicas.

On one hand, automatically, what comes to mind is, “if we have money now, then we can buy now while we can, then save money again while under gun ban.” Yeah, that is pretty darn good thing to do. Why wait later when you can do it now. And if you are still thinking over, if it is worthy to buy an airsoft gun, I’ll encourage you to read past article on this website, they might help you decide. 

And who knows after the gun ban, prices would boost up and might be harder for us to buy. Of course, this is only an opinion, still, it’s our call what to do next individually.

What are the tips that we should do while under gun ban? Here are they:

We could be saddened by the fact of this upcoming gun ban in the Philippines, but there are good reasons not to. There are some countries in the world in which airsoft is totally prohibited. Luckily for us, it will just take some few months and again we’re good to go. So without further a due, let’s talk about the tips on what to do as an airsoft hobbyist while under the gun ban in the Philippines 2019. 

First, we will have plenty of time focusing on more income generating business or jobs. Whether it’s small time business or big time, we can think more on how to generate more income. Why is that the first? Because the more income, the more chances to buy and collect airsoft guns in the future. More income, more guns, more happiness, more fun.

Second, we can concentrate on upgrading our guns into the next level. That is right. The gun ban might prevent us carrying guns to sites or might hinder us in buying guns in plain sight, but no one can prevent us in BUYING UPGRADES for our “babies”. And who said that there is also an “Upgrade Ban”? Was it just for guns right? Upgrades are exempted obviously. 

Third, since guns are the only subject for the “ban”, then we can think about our gears and load-outs. We can definitely buy “Gears and accessories that might make our hobby even more “enthusiastic”. 


Fourth, when it comes to upgrades, there are a lot of things to consider. We can think about the EOTECH Sights with Magnifier, which can make our airsoft guns look nicer and nastier. Or the Docter Red Dot sights. It can level up the TIER of our guns. Also considering the MOE M4A1 Kit, it will give a new look and feel. Laser pointers can tidy up the overall feature of our airsoft armament. We can replenish ammunition such as BB’s, also green gas, upgrade parts, buy gears, etc. These and more can be acquired while under the gun ban in the Philippines 2019.

Lastly,  we could still go to game sites maybe not to simulate combat, or do war games, but rather have “gatherings” and develop continuous camaraderie. We can meet and come up with sharing of ideas on how to clear a room (without a rifle of course), about basic maintenance of a gun, establish team work, learn tactics, combat hand signals and much more. Try within this period to upgrade knowledge and tactics. Thus, develop a good “tactical team”, not just in appearance but also in skills. Moreover, don’t forget to “eat together” or perhaps spend time on a beach together with the team. That would make life even relaxing and the enjoyment never stops.

Enjoy life. Enjoy airsoft. No guts, No glory. 

Hasta la vista, baby.

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