Why men love airsoft

Airsoft is a simulator for wit and stamina. It is not for the weak and fainthearted. It is a battle of mind and body in a controlled environment where your ability is tested.

Just as most people like action movies so much, and so do the hobbyist of airsofters. It is like where you and your friends become the main actors and your other friends as “Opfor” (Opposing Force). It’s not about “acting” perse, but rather about “reacting” on semi-realistic scenarios.

Gears, Bags, Mags, Vest and with almost real guns, truly it resembles real drama of combat, where strategies and co-op become essential. We know that there is no real Rambo (one man team) who can annihilate an entire army, but a team or teams of trained soldiers. Same with Airsoft. It is not just about shooting randomly at the enemies, but also strategy, co-op and wit.

So why men like airsoft? Simple. It reflects what a real battle might look like, where you can be hit as many as you wanted but not die physically.

A test of endurance, surreal experience in a simulated combat. Truly airsoft is exciting as ever!

See you in the field soldiers!. Ooorah!